Access Statement for The Anchorage, Port Pendennis Village


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our 2 bedroom, 1st floor Apartment. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavor to help.


• We have an extensive website, with diagrams of the floor / room layouts and  pictures of all the rooms and the Village
• Bookings / enquiries can be made via email, telephone or by letter
• All guests are provided with written directions to Apartment (available in different font size and dyslexia friendly font, on request)
• The nearest bus stop is 0.25 mile away (level Walk)
• Falmouth Docks Railway Station is 0.35 mile away (level Walk)
• Falmouth Town Railway Station is 0.5 mile away (Via key collection point, otherwise 375 meters, via town entrance – pedestrian only
• Water taxi is 0.25 mile away (level Walk)
• Falmouth Town and shops are 0.5 mile (level Walk)
• This access statement is available on our website and in the 'Welcome File' in the Apartment   

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• There is a car park at the front of the Apartment building with an allocated space
• Car park is level Tarmac flat and even
• Distance is 48 meters, mainly level Paving Flags but there are some small, slight inclines, also there is an uneven Cobbled Stone section (21 meters)
• There is additional parking in the overflow car park
• Distance is 90 meters. Mainly level Paving Flags but there are some small, slight inclines and Cobbled Stones (21 meters)
• There is no street parking

Main Entrance

Apartment Building (3 storey)
• The entrance at the front has a threshold (50mm, door hinged on the left).  The door is 75cm wide and the keyhole lock is 97cms high. The door is self-closing
• Inside the front entrance is a large area (2.3 x 5.6m) which leads to the lift, staircase and other apartments.
• The lift doors are 80cm wide, the interior is 1.1 by 1.32 meters.  It has visual floor indicators and call buttons.  There is an emergency telephone fitted.
• The staircase is accessed from each landing by a self closing door (75cm wide). The ground floor door has a threshold, 30mm. There are 2 flights of stairs to the first floor, with a landing in between.  The stairs are 19cm high, 28cm deep, 92cm wide.  There is a handrail on the left side
• Each flight has 7 steps  

• The door is 76cm wide inwards opening to a hall (self closing), threshold 5mm. Key hole 86cm high and is directly opposite the lift. There is an automatic welcome light outside the apartment
• The light switch is on the wall immediately to the right
• The hall is initially 94cm wide for 1.2 meters and then opens up to 1.6 meters wide. The hall leads to the kitchen/dining room, lounge, bedrooms and bathroom. The end of the hall is ‘L’ shaped to the left, 83cm wide and leads to the 2nd bedroom• There are also 2 cupboards off the hall. One cupboard has a double folding door, which opens out (76cm wide)
• The second cupboard is directly opposite the entrance door and houses shelving and the hot/cold water tanks with immersion heater

Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing

Apartment Building
• Ground floor and first floor areas are 2.3m wide by 5.6m long
• Decor is light and airy, skirting and doors are white, carpets are green
• Fire extinguishers fitted on each floor
• Fire escape signs are illuminated and there is emergency lighting to guide you to safety in an emergency

• The Apartment décor is light, pastel colours with white woodwork and doors.
• Laminate flooring throughout except for the kitchen (Lino floor tiles), bathroom (grey ceramic floor tiles), 2nd bedroom short pile light carpet• The bathroom is all white wall tiles, shower (clear glass cubical) and white suite. Ceramic slate effect floor tiles.
• Smoke alarm fitted in the hall.

Lounge 3.48 x 3.94m
• Door from the hall to the lounge is 65cm wide and is self closing, threshold 0mm and has 15 glass panes
• To the right is a 3 seater settee, a two seater settee is to the left.   
• There is a TV and DVD recorder with remote control
• In the centre of the room there is a glass coffee table • Immediately to the right of the door is a second square glass topped lamp table
• There are French doors opposite the lounge door, leading onto a balcony (90cm wide by 3.4 meters long. The balcony is flanked on 2 sides by a low wall (35cm) topped by railings (94cm high). Porcelain tiles cover the balcony floor
• There is a slate topped step in front of the French Doors (9cm high x 117cm long x 25cm deep)
• The doors have a 30mm threshold. There is a 23cm step down to the balcony 

Public WCs

• Not available 

Dining Room

• The dining room is within the kitchen
• Round Pine Table, 72cm floor to lowest point of table (under space), 1.05m circumference
• Central pedestal legs with 4 feet
• Free space between table and walls is at least 70cm all around, (movable)
• 4 pine chairs (moveable), no arms


Main Bedroom 2.88 x 4.0m
• Door width 65cm wide and is self closing, 0mm threshold
• King size bed provided
• Non Feather duvets and pillows provided 
• Largest transfer space available to left or right of bed is 1.2 metres 

2nd Bedroom 2.47 x 2.78m
• Door width 65cm wide and is self closing, 5mm threshold
• Double bed provided   
• Largest transfer space available to left or right of bed is 50cm

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC 1.77 x 2.07m

• Door width 65cm, 5mm threshold• Large walk in shower to the left (no door), basin and w/c to the right• Clearance between basin and shower is 83cm, clearance between w/c and shower cubicle is 61cm
• The toilet seat is 41cm high - the basin is located to the right and the space to the left is 11cm. The basin height is 93cm
• There is no bath
• The step into the shower cubicle is 17cm high, with the width of the shower opening being 62cm, then reducing to 51cm
• The height of the electric shower unit is 160cm
• There is a hand rail affixed to the shower wall (on right, when facing the shower unit)
• The room also has a wall mounted heated towel rail and fan heater
• The floor surface is ceramic tiles

Self-Catering Kitchen 3.37 x 3.9m

  1. Door width 65cm wide and is self closing, 8mm threshold

• Kitchen with Dining room
• Ample work surface extend along 2 sides of the room with cupboards/appliances underneath. Worktop height 90cm
• Double electric oven and grill. Doors are drop down, height of lowest shelf 95cm, can be accessed from the front

  1. Grill is incorporated in the top oven, shelf height is 140cm

  2. Controls for the oven and grill are above the grill, height is 163cm

• Sink is 90cm high with cupboards underneath
• Hob is 90cm high and halogen, sensor control. A combination microwave is also available
• Crockery etc is in the wall cupboards
• Flooring is Lino floor tiles
• At least 100cm free space between all furniture and worktops
• Evenly lit kitchen with halogen spotlights above work surfaces and in centre of room
• Good contrast between floor, cupboards and surfaces
• Full size fridge and full size separate freezer, fitted under worktops
• Front loading automatic washer/dryer, fitted under worktops

  1. 4 place dishwasher is located in cupboard under hob, with drop down door


• There are ample mooring facilities close by 

Grounds and Gardens

• There are picturesque landscaped gardens and a Yatch marina on site, with wheelchair access most of the way round.
• The Apartment buildings are arranged to form a square, with a large central communal area in the centre
• There are landscaped gardens with grass and a large gazebo with a table and 4 chairs (access is excellent, though the ground can be a little  uneven, and is a mixture of mainly flags and some cobbled stones) in the square 

Additional Information
• Information folder is provided (including dyslexia friendly font) including instructions, emergency information and all manufacturers instruction leaflets for appliances etc
• Places of interest leaflets available 
• Good mobile phone reception

• Complimentary WiFi
• A smoke alarm is fitted in the hall and fire blanket fitted in the kitchen
• The flat is no smoking 


• There is no separate laundry but there is a standard size washer/dryer, which is front loading, provided in the kitchen.


• There is no shop on site. However there is a Tesco Express (open approx. 06:00 to 22:00 7 days) 0.25 mile level walk and a Spar 0.25 miles away.

Leisure Facilities

• There is a Tennis court located by the main entrance to the Village

Outdoor Facilities

• Port Pendennis Village is a gated community. The estate is flanked by a wall and electronic access gates. The main entrance (east) has double wrought iron gates for vehicular access and a side gate for pedestrian access. Access is via key card
• There is a second pedestrian access gate on the north side (town)
• All roads and pavements are level and in good order.

Floor  Plan



Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve, if you have any comments please phone 0151 480 6747 or email:

Created: 29 July 2010, Amended August 2013

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The Anchorage @ Port Pendennis Village, Falmouth, Cornwall

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The Anchorage @ Port Pendennis Marina Village, Falmouth, Cornwall